Recommendations for Low Alcohol Drinks

Recommendations for Low Alcohol Drinks – Drinking alcoholic beverages in large quantities has been shown to have a very bad impact on health, even worse, it can be a cause of death. Side effects of alcoholic beverages include mental disorders, thinking, behaving, and others. The reason is, because alcohol reacts directly on the central nervous cells and coupled with the addictive nature of alcohol that can make you lose consciousness and even poisoning. Keep in mind, too, that an alcoholic is also more likely to develop any disease or virus.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is also not always bad. Consuming alcoholic beverages also has many benefits, from managing weight to lowering the risk of cancer. But, to get the positive effect it is advisable not to drink too much. There are several types of drinks that are recommended for beginners, what are they? Let’s see.

Alcoholic Drinks for Beginners

Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys or Baileys Irish Cream is an alcoholic beverage made from Irish whiskey, cream, sugar and cocoa. The composition in it is 50% deep fresh cream, with an alcohol content of only 17%.

Therefore, Baileys tends to be creamy and is highly recommended for those who want to drink alcohol, but don’t want to feel bitter. This drink is also suitable for those who like coffee but are looking for a different sensation.

Soju is a South Korean alcoholic drink. If you visit South Korea, you can easily find soju sold freely at roadside stalls. It tastes similar to vodka and the alcohol content ranges from 20 to 40 percent. This drink is made from rice that has undergone a distillation process, making it a clear liquid with a sweet taste.

Radler beer

Radler or shandy is a beer cocktail with a 50/50 mix of beer, lemon, orange juice, apple or grape served cold, and has its own freshness.

If you like light, sweet beer with a slightly sour fruity taste, Radler Lemon is for you. This Radler is made from a blend of Bintang beer, lemon juice and 2% alcohol. Radler is suitable for those of you who don’t like the bitter taste, which is contained in types of beer such as pillsener or stout beer.

Captain Morgan spiced rum

many people from around the world say that rum is the best type of alcohol, whether drunk directly or with a mixture, and Captain Morgan is a favorite of rum lovers.

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Captain Morgan has 2 types of rum, namely white rum and gold rum. For beginners, it is recommended to drink rum using a mixture of coke, this way of drinking is called Cuba Libra or Cocktail. The alcohol content in it is 17.5%-50%.


Margaritas are one of the most popular types of liquor in the United States. This drink is made by mixing tequila, triple sec, and lime in equal capacities. Also given a little salt on the edges to add flavor.

In addition to limes, sometimes the mixture can also be replaced with lemon or lime juice. What is clear, because of its delicious taste, this drink is increasingly popular everywhere. Including in Indonesia, you know.

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages and can be found everywhere. The color is clear and the manufacturing process is from the main ingredient of wheat that has been fermented and then distilled.

This drink has been known since the Middle Ages in several countries in Europe. Initially, it was made from fermented potatoes. Now many vodkas have been flavored so that they have more flavor, such as bloody mary, bullshot, martini, and others.


If you want to drink alcohol with the best taste, then Jagermaister should be on your list. Made from 56 herbs that are very good for health, making the taste of this alcohol unique.

Having an alcohol content of 35%, Jagermaister was originally a lung medicine invented by one of the nuns in Germany. The symbol of a deer with many horns is a symbol of the basic ingredients of the drink which consists of 56 herbs, therefore the taste contained in this liquor is more like cough medicine.


Having a combination of sweetness and fennel, Sambuca was originally used as a remedy for headaches and indigestion. However, because the taste of these drinks was very pleasant, they began to be consumed. Sambuca can be drunk pure without a mixture, or drunk by burning or burning.

Apple cider

If you haven’t found a good liqor to drink, try Apple Cider. Apple Cider is a popular drink in the UK and is classified as a beer. The main difference is that the base is made from apples, in contrast to beer, where the main ingredients are hops and wheat.


There are also Indonesian alcoholic beverages. His name is palm wine. This drink is made from fermented sap. In some places, the basic ingredient of tuak is rice. Sometimes fruits that contain sugar can also be the basis for making this one liquor.

The alcohol content in palm wine varies, depending on the material and place of manufacture. Since this drink is native to Indonesia, you will easily find it in various places in Indonesia.…