Types of Alcohol Drinkers

Types of Alcohol Drinkers

Types of Alcohol Drinkers – There may be some people who really like to drink alcoholic beverages. Basically, drinking alcohol can make the drinker feel more relieved and feel safe. However, drinking in large quantities can have a negative effect on health. The following are some types of alcohol drinkers

1. Drink to feel better (drinking for enhancement)

Drinking alcohol for this reason is risky for both teens and young adults.
These people drink to make themselves feel more extroverted, impulsive, and aggressive. This type of drinker (mostly men) tends to always want to get drunk and is more at risk of doing dangerous things.

2. Drink to conform

When people only drink alcohol at social events because they want to fit in, not out of habit, they drink less than those who drink out of habit.
This person usually sips a little champagne in celebration, or holds a glass of wine so as not to look different from others.
In recent years, programs like Hello Sunday Morning have encouraged people to stop drinking.
By making people who don’t drink socially acceptable, it can reduce negative comments about people who don’t drink, the program believes, although this theory still needs further testing.

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3. Drinking for social (social drinking)

To date, almost all research on the reasons people drink alcohol has been done on adolescents and young adults. Across cultures and countries, social reasons are the most common reason why young people drink alcohol.
In this model, drinking socially might increase happiness when with friends. This is consistent with the idea that drinking is social entertainment.

4. Drink to overcome negative feelings (drinking to cope)

Another motive for drinking alcohol is to be more resistant to stress, and reduce low self-esteem and negative views of yourself. This type of drinker may use alcohol to deal with problems in their lives, especially those related to anxiety and depression.
Drinkers like this tend to be more from among women. While it may be effective in the short term, drinking alcohol to treat problems has long-term risks.